We can provide the process oils required for your production in high and continuous quality. Reliable and timely delivery of these necessary process oils is extremely important for our customers.


We offer you a broad supply portfolio of paraffin-based and naphthene-based base oils. These high-quality base oils are produced as core fractions and blended into different viscosity grades if required.


Do you need special products, technical oils, etc. for your production or for your customers? We will support you in choosing the right product and the appropriate procedure - please contact us.

SORACO Deutschland GmbH offers a broad portfolio of base oils, process oils, plasticiser oils and special oils. This consists of both base oils of Group I as well as those of Group II and Group III. Our core program includes SN-100, SN-150, SN-500, SN-600, SN-900 and Brightstock, as well as naphthene-based products. Should you have a need for further qualities, we can certainly help you.

  Base oil category Sulphur content in % Saturation level in % VI - Viscosity index
Mineral oil Group I >0,03 <90 80 bis 120
Mineral oil Group II <0,03 >90 80 bis 120
Mineral oil Group III <0,03 >90 >120
Synthetic oil Group IV PAO (Polyalphaolefine)
Synthetic oil Group V All other base oils not included in Group I to Group IV

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